Alfa Romeo Prototipi 1948–1962 

In times past, leading Alfa Romeo engineers were also great motorsports enthusiasts. Although they were presumably fully occupied with development of the firm’s production cars, in the years between 1948 and 1962 they nevertheless managed to create some spectacular sports prototypes. Many of these were created in close cooperation with outside firms. 

The book consists of two volumes, totaling 600 pages.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ
documentation and register

Sixty years ago, in November 1963, Alfa Romeo’s Giulia TZ celebrated its competition debut in the Tour de Corse. The "Tubolare Zagato" – a reference to the tube frame chassis as well as the body designer – was to become one of the most successful models in the long list of race winners from Alfa Romeo. 

The book consists of five volumes, totaling 1500 pages.

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The Notebook Collection 
– sustainable and built to last

A series of eight premium quality notebooks, developed in collaboration with like-minded automotive artist Guy Allen. Each screenprinted cover is reproduced from his original artwork.

Smooth Recycled Leather. 176 Pages of Premium Papier. Innovative Binding. Design in A5.

Log book. Sketchbook. Journal...

Get organised, be creative, and record a life lived.

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Alfa Romeo Tipo 105 RHD /
Right Hand Drive


This book focuses exclusively on the right hand drive model variants of the Tipo 105 series.

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Alfa Romeo Berlina

This book focuses exclusively on the various model variants of the saloon bodied Berlina from the Tipo 105 series mounting 1750cc and 2000cc engines.

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Emergency Management and Training Manual in one – the new Marine Medical Handbook 

A medical emergency at sea – no emergency services, no hospitals, no doctors. The Captain and naval officers are duty-bound to assist. This new handbook helps to ensure the best possible medical aid can be administered even when medical institutions and infrastructures are far away. This book, written by practitioners for practitioners, provides a compact set of recommendations for the administration of first aid aboard seafaring craft in emergency situations, in case of injury or an illness. Clear, easy to understand and written with marine circumstances in mind, the handbook contains 350 depictions to provide the best possible support when making important medical decisions. A special feature of the handbook are the QR Codes which call up instructional videos which explain complex medical procedures step by step. 
German language. This book will be published in English by the beginning of 2020. 

MOTORWORLD 2019 Book Prize   

We won!

On Thursday the 23rd May 2019 we had the distinction of being awarded the MOTORWORLD 2019 Book Prize in the Special Prize category for our 6 book series covering the various Alfa Romeo 105 models and for our Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/1967 volume. We are thrilled to have received this award and want to thank the holders of the event, the panel of judges and all our readers for their support! 

Photo: Art Director Dingwort Verlag Katrin Dasse & Autor Patrick Dasse 

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 / 1967

This book focuses exclusively on the development of the Tipo 33 and the motorsport activities of the car during 1967…

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Porsche in the Monte Carlo Rally 
1952 – 1982 / Edition Porsche Museum

In 1968 Porsche won the Monte Carlo Rally for the first time. That is more than enough reason for us to take a look back at the Porsche cars that have taken part in the most famous rally in the world…

The book consists of two volumes in a presentation case, totaling 912 pages.

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Alfa Romeo Tipo 105

6 new books on the Alfa Romeo Tipo 105 cars are now available. 

The books contain solely contemporary photographs, which for the most part are published here for the first time, documenting the different variants of the models Giulia, Giulia GT, Spider, Montreal and Junior Z.
A further book is dedicated to Arese works. 

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