Maritime Medical Handbook

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» Imagine a member of the crew on board a ship has a health condition that continues to deteriorate and there is not enough time to go to a hospital - this is the responsibility of the ship’s officers, who face a huge challenge. 

The new Medical Guide for Ships, which instructs the captain and nautical officers on merchant ships operating under a German flag on how to treat illnesses and injuries far away from any medical infrastructure according to a common standard, is a major achievement for the authors and the publisher BG Verkehr. 
This guide is by medical practitioners for non-medical practitioners, and aims to give them the reliable information they need to provide medical treatment at sea. This book for emergencies should always be to hand. 
Striking photos as well as informative graphics always say more than words, which is a philosophy that this handbook consistently follows. The text is kept strictly compact, is clearly structured throughout and includes impressive illustrations. Furthermore, the texts and images are compatible with the teaching concept of the medical training scenarios for captains and nautical officers. 
This means that in the event of a problem, they can immediately and successfully use core skills they have already learned. This is also ensured by the clear structure and the attractive layout on each of the over 500 pages.
The authors and publisher have achieved their goal of making sure that medical treatment can be provided on board when necessary. The new handbook clearly fulfils its main purpose of ensuring the best possible medical treatment at sea. 
Captains and nautical offers can use this book as a reference, so that they feel confident and can perform procedures in a compliant manner. While the handbook cannot guarantee the success of the treatment, it is a reliable coach for instructed medical experts and will help to prevent health hazards to life and limb at sea. 
Last but not least, the Medical Handbook for Ships is also an important learning tool for captains and nautical officers. It can be used as a guide for exercise scenarios - and much more: Even if basic requirements such as medical supplies and materials do not correspond to those on “merchant ships”, it offers valuable information that can be adapted to comparable isolated medical situations that may happen on private seagoing vessels or expeditions on land in line with wilderness medicine. «

Dr. med. Ulrich van Laak
Navy physician
Head of Maritime Medicine
German Naval Medical Institute


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