Porsche bei der Rallye Monte-Carlo 1952–1982 / Edition Porsche Museum

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  1968, vor genau 50 Jahren, gewann Porsche zum ersten Mal die Rallye Monte-Carlo.... mehr
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1968, vor genau 50 Jahren, gewann Porsche zum ersten Mal die Rallye Monte-Carlo.

Grund genug für einen Rückblick auf die Porsche-Fahrzeuge, die an der berühmtesten Rallye der Welt teilgenommen haben.

Bereits 1952 waren zum ersten Mal Porsche-Teams am Start. Das eigenwillige Reglement der Rallye, das mit unterschiedlichen Handicaps und Wertungskoeffizienten für Chancengleichheit zwischen den Fahrzeugen sorgen sollte, ermöglichte jedoch nur durchschnittliche Platzierungen der Porsche-Teams im Gesamtklassement. Erst 1956 konnte ein Porsche-Team erstmalig einen Klassensieg feiern. Auch in den Jahren 1962, 1963, 1965, 1966 und 1967 konnte man sich bei Porsche über Klassensiege freuen.

1968 änderte der Automobile-Club de Monaco das Reglement und verzichtete auf alle Handicaps und Wertungskoeffizienten, sodass nun endlich das schnellste Team gewinnen konnte. Von diesem Zeitpunkt an hatte Porsche eine echte Chance auf einen Gesamtsieg. Vic Elford und David Stone nutzten die Möglichkeit und bescherten Porsche 1968 den ersten Gesamtsieg bei der Rallye Monte-Carlo. Auch in den Jahren 1969 und 1970 konnte man wieder Gesamtsiege feiern. Daraufhin folgte eine lange Durststrecke, bis man bei Porsche wieder die Champagnerkorken knallen lassen konnte – unter anderem auch deswegen, weil Porsche Ende 1971 offiziell seine Motorsportaktivitäten als Werksteam einstellte. Erst im Jahr 1978 konnte das Privatteam von Jean-Pierre Nicolas und Vincent Laverne mit einem Porsche 911 erneut die Rallye gewinnen. 1979, 1980, 1981 und 1982 feierten erneut weitere Porsche-Teams ihre Klassensiege.

In diesem dreisprachigen Buch (Französisch – Englisch – Deutsch) befinden sich Photos von jedem Porsche-Team, das sich von 1952 bis 1982 in den Ergebnislisten der Rallye Monte-Carlo verewigen konnte. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir diese Bilder nun veröffentlichen dürfen.


Das Buch besteht aus zwei Bänden in einem Schuber:

Band 1: Porsche 1952 – 1967
432 Seiten mit 299 Schwarz-Weiß-Photos und 44 Farbphotos.

Band 2: Porsche 1968 – 1982
480 Seiten mit 236 Schwarz-Weiß-Photos und 304 Farbphotos.


Größe: 25,7 x 22,9 cm

Gewicht: 4,8 kg

Sprache: Französisch – Englisch – Deutsch

Autor: Patrick Dasse & Maurice Louche

ISBN 978-3-87166-108-2

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OCTANE, Issue 187, January 2019, by James Elliott // BOOK OF THE MONTH
Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo Porsche 1952-1982

»In the UK we are perhaps guilty of associating the Monte initially only with British wins – or foaming at the mouth over disqualifications – and thereafter fixating mainly on quirky French and Italian entrants and incongruous American behemoths tackling the cols. So much so that it might have escaped your attention that 2018 marked the 50th anniversary of Porsche’s first outright win. That’s when Vic Elford and David Stone’s 911T and Pauli Toivonen and Martti Tiukkanen’s 911S finished first and second, edging out the Cooper S of Rauno Aaltonen and Henry Liddon and thus ending the Mini’s dominance.
Porsche then enjoyed its own period of hegemony, with Björn Waldegard and Lars Helmer taking back-to-back victories in 1969 and 1970, before the A110s rose to the top and Alpine had its own brief moment in the sun until Lancia took over. In fact, Porsche only topped the podium one more time, in 1978, when Jean-Pierre Nicolas and Vincent Laverne took the spoils. In Porsche competition terms, not only was this level of success unhabitually low – governed by an arcane system of handicaps and coefficients that meant the best the marque could hope for was the battery of class wins that did amass – but also the glory was a very long time coming. Interestingly, the first raft of Porsche entries was rejected in 1951 because the Automobile Club de Monaco ruled them out as powered by a third-party engine, which was against the rules. The German marque first appeared on (and swamped) the rally, therefore, in 1952, when nearly 40 356s signed up. This book covers every year from then until 1982, when a second run of class wins came to an end.
The format runs year by year and offers an engaging annual overview, with lists of entries and information on how the Porsches fared. But most impressive is the phenomenal photographic support. There are countless pictures of Porsches on the event and, even if the 356s are starting to look a bit samey by the end of the 1950s, it’s pleasing that the authors have managed to find colour from as early as 1953.
The book is presented in French, English and German over two hardback volumes totalling not far off 1000 pages, and is presented in the obligatory slipcase. The only criticism of this magnum opus is that the text can be quite dense – thanks, no doubt, to having to cram it all in three times.« 


Porsche’s Monte History

»The past two or three years have seen the publication of a remarkable range of high quality books on Porsches, old and new. To be honest, we thought we’d seen every possible subject covered, but then a knock on the door signalled the delivery of what we think will soon become recognised as one of the most important Porsche history books to date. 
It was back in 1968 that Porsche won the legendary Monte Carlo Rally for the very first time, but it was far from being the first time a Porsche had appeared in this famous event. Believe it or not, a Porsche was entered in the rally as far back as 1952, and in 1956 Porsche scored its first class win. 
Similar class successes occurred in 1962, ’63, ’65, ’66 and ’67. A change in regulations, which effectively threw the event wide open, saw Porsche taking number one spot with a 911 driven by Vic Elford and David Stone. This was followed by overall wins in 1969 and 1970, and another in 1978. Further class wins came Porsche’s way in each year from 1979 to 1982. 
This two-volume slip-cased work totals over 900 pages, with no fewer than 535 black and white and 348 colour photos, recording every single Porsche that ran in the Monte Carlo Rally. The majority of the photographs appear for the first time in print, making this a ‘must have’ work for any Porsche enthusiast with an interest in the company’s competition history. 
The text is fairly minimal, letting the photos and entry data speak for themselves, but it is far from being a dry reference work. Printed in three languages (English, French and German), the boxed set is entitled Porsche on the Monte Carlo Rally 1952 - 1982 and is written by Patrick Dasse and Maurice 
Louche …« 


CLASSIC CARS, January 2019, Issue 546 
Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo: Porsche 1952-1982

»This book’s subject – Porsche’s involvement in the Monte Carlo Rally from the event’s post-war revival until the end of the Group 4 era – might seem a bit niche, but in a book market heaving with overlapping Porsche material, it offers something genuinely new. It’s a demonstration of just how much rallying changed over the course of 30 years. Towards the end of volume one and the beginning of volume two of this slipcased, almost 1000-page work covers the Sixties, with black-and-white photography erupting into vibrant colour at a time when rallying was becoming the specialised, professional sport we recognise today, and Porsche was at its most dominant. Although fascinating photos clearly documenting interesting moments or modifications and innovations often go unexplained, in general it’s a captivating, absorbing read.« 



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